Lady Gaga Vogue Inspiration

February 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

While trying to discover a personal style, I have found that I lean more heavily towards an edgy and sexual voice with my photography. I like being able to work with body lines and dramatic colors as well as unique themes.  Where else would I find more inspiration than Lady Gaga?  After looking through nearly every page of her pictures on Google, i saved some of my dramatic favorites and in the next few weeks I hope to be able to replicate some of them with a twist of my own style.  I also admire the very shadowy and haunting photographs that are often found in Vogue, and since one of my models Alex has such a vogue look to her appearance, I thought it would be great experience to practice with a model who was exactly the kind of look that I wanted.  We only tried out three different looks total in this hidden gem of a location on Elon’s campus.  I’m going to keep the location a secret, but if you do enough scouting and are truly dedicated to finding some unique shooting locations, then I am sure you will find it.  The above picture of Alex is by far my favorite picture out of the entire shoot.  She embodies the perfect Vogue-esque mood that I want to create and I look forward to more shoots with her in the future.  More pictures will be posted as the editing process continues.


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  • j says:

    Needs more work in Photoshop to make it more dramatic. play with the contrasts – this is good stuff but still really safe visually-

    keep it up


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