Edited Gaga

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Lady Gaga Vogue Inspiration

February 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

While trying to discover a personal style, I have found that I lean more heavily towards an edgy and sexual voice with my photography. I like being able to work with body lines and dramatic colors as well as unique themes.  Where else would I find more inspiration than Lady Gaga?  After looking through nearly every page of her pictures on Google, i saved some of my dramatic favorites and in the next few weeks I hope to be able to replicate some of them with a twist of my own style.  I also admire the very shadowy and haunting photographs that are often found in Vogue, and since one of my models Alex has such a vogue look to her appearance, I thought it would be great experience to practice with a model who was exactly the kind of look that I wanted.  We only tried out three different looks total in this hidden gem of a location on Elon’s campus.  I’m going to keep the location a secret, but if you do enough scouting and are truly dedicated to finding some unique shooting locations, then I am sure you will find it.  The above picture of Alex is by far my favorite picture out of the entire shoot.  She embodies the perfect Vogue-esque mood that I want to create and I look forward to more shoots with her in the future.  More pictures will be posted as the editing process continues.


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Today, after a week of planning, I finally got to have the first of many Lady Gaga inspired photo shoots.  Thanks to models Erin Porter and Alex Johnston for their participation.  After editing, the final pictures will be put up but for now, just one unedited photo will be placed below.  You will have to wait for the backstory and the rest of the product.

Dead Lull

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Since the conclusion of digital media, I have found my level of activity to be incredibly diminished.  This does not mean, however, that I have completely stopped making progress.  This week has been one of those crazy weeks where I just keep getting ideas and it gets frustrating because all you want to do is forget about everything else and just go out and take pictures or finish writing a script or shoot the script you’ve edited a million times.  So I’m just trying to get a handle on everything and get organized so when the time comes to actually go to work it will flow smoothly for the most part.  There are some interesting ideas coming about and its surprising to me the direction in which my ideas are going.  I’m trying to work with an edgier style and one of my short film ideas coming about definitely has a very dark side to it.  Thanks to inspiration from Anne Sexton’s poem “Angels of the Love Affair and the upcoming movie Shutter Island, I’m trying to finish developing the idea.  Hopefully an update on its progress will be available soon.

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