A Crafty Oxymoron

January 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today the documentary “The Best Worst Movie” was screened at Elon University.  Former actor Michael Stephenson directs this hilarious but moving piece in which he follows a newborn cultish fascination with a film in which he acted in his childhood – “Troll 2.”  Considered the worst movie of all time, Stephenson follows the current lives of cast members, providing a deeper insight to the raw and pure heartfelt energy that went into the making of the film that highlights the reason for its popularity among particular audiences.

The filmmakers were clearly passionate about their work and it made for a nice change of pace to view a film not focused on a painfully serious topic.  The lighthearted approach made it enjoyable and the engaging manner in which the cast was presented made them even more relatable and likable.  Having former actor and current dentist George Hardy as the centerpiece of the documentary certainly gave the film a certain charismatic and entertaining flare that without such would have resulted in a slightly less hilarious outcome.


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